Syllabus Mechanical

  • Structure of Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering

Syllabus Scheme Mechanical Engineering


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
1 1ME2301 Metal Casting, Forming & Joining Processes 5
21ME2302  Thermodynamics
31ME2303  Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
41ME2304  Strength of Materials
51ME2305  Plant Maintenance & Safety
61ME2306Drafting Application2


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
11ME2501 Design of Machine Elements 5
21ME2502 Machine Tools Technology 5
31ME2503  Industrial Engineering 4
41ME2504  Estimating Costing and Contracting 3
51ME2505  Thermal engineering-II 4
 61ME2506Project-I 1


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
1 1ME2601 Computer Aided Manufacturing 5
21ME2602  Tool engineering
31ME2603  Hydraulics & Pneumatics
41ME2604  Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
51ME2605 Automobile Engineering 
61ME2606Advance Manufacturing Systems4
71ME2607Fabrication Technology4
SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
12CI3111 Strength of Material 4
22EE3106 Electrical Technology 5
32ME3101 Solid Modelling 1
42ME3102 Kinematics of Machines 4
52ME3103 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
 62ME3104Fluid Mechanics 5
SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
12ME801Alternate Energy Sources 4
22ME802Production & Operations Management 4
32ME803Computer Aided Manufacturing 4
42ME804Major Project 4
52ME805/1 Welding Technology 1
 62ME805/2Automobile Engineering 1
72ME805/3Air Conditioning Engineering 1
82ME805/4Industrial Automation 1
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