Syllabus Computer

Syllabus Scheme Computer Engineering

Sr No.
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
11BS221 Mathematics - II4
21ES206 Fundamentals of Digital Electronics4
31ES204Computer Programming - II5
41ES205 Web Technology2
51HS221Communicative English - II1


Sr No.
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
11CE2301Operating System4
21CE2302Programming In C++5
31CE2303 Data Structure 4
41CE2304Database Management System4
51CE2305 Microprocessor & Assembly Language Programming4


Sr No.
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
11CE2601Digital Marketing4
21CE2602Cloud Computing5
31CE2603Android Programming5
41CE2604Machine Learning5
51CE2605 Linux Administration5
61CE2606 Project -II4
71IT2601Internet Of Things (IOT)  2


Sr No.
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
12BS3102Discrete Mathematics & Probability4
22CEIT301Digital Electronics4
32CEIT302Object Oriented Programming.pdf5
42CEIT303 Database Management System4
52CEIT304 Data Structure5
Sr No.
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
12CEIT701Compiler Design4
22CEIT702Big Data Analytics 4
32CEIT703Capstone Project-III
42CEIT704Soft Skills
52CEIT78PE1Deep Learning
62CEIT78PE2 Blockchain Technologies 4
72CEIT78PE3Fundamentals of Image Processing 4
82CEIT78PE4Mobile Computing 4
92CEIT78PE5Search Engine Optimization 4
102CEIT78PE6Virtual Reality 4
112CEIT78PE7Natural Language Processing 4
122CEIT78PE8Forensics & Cyber Law 4
132CEIT78PE9Advanced Algorithms 4
142CEIT78PE10Fog Computing 4
152CEIT78PE11Fault Tolerant Systems 4
162CEIT78PE12High Performance Computing 4
172CEIT78PE13Computer Vision 4
Sr No.
Subject CodeSubject NameCredit
12CEIT801Industrial Training
22CEIT802Major Project


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