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Technological innovation progressed at such an accelerated pace, it permeated in the field of human health services. Modern hospitals have now become the centers of technologically sophisticated Health care systems. Biomedical Engineering has emerged as a new interdisciplinary field involving the engineering professionals of majority of disciplines. It applies quantitative, analytical and integrative methods to develop new innovative approaches for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of disease. Biomedical Implant devices, Medical Imaging Techniques, Prosthesis, Biomaterial, Genetic Engineering, Bioinformatics, Automatic Instrumentation for pathological testing, Intensive care Instrumentation have revolutionized the health services for the treatment of critically ill patients, all these require a whole new lot of “Technocrats” called “Biomedical Engineers”.

The Biomedical Engineering Department at Institute of Technology, Ganpat University provides state-of-art facilities to prepare and train a new generation of engineers called “Biomedical Engineers”. The department is also committed to provide Medico Engineering service in the field of human health.

I am sure that Biomedical Engineer makes significant contributions to the society in the course of their work.

Prof. H. A. Patel
Head of Biomedical Engineering Department


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