The knowledge computer & its engineering, the main backbone of course of the whole education system is must in every walk of life. The computer engineering basically divided in to two, hardware engineering and software engineering. All most all fields are computerized to have easy handling of its problem on maintenance, servicing, and on research.
The dual degree programme in computer engineering aim at training young engineers to know about computer its operation on different language and to deal with data generating collecting and utilizing information. The knowledge has become so complex, the scope of learning so great, and lifespan of some information. So short that we can only, organize and use data only with the end of computer, so not having knowledge of computer is a kind of illiteracy
Keeping such requirement in mind competent and experienced faculty of our Computer Engineering department prepares the students by giving ample assignments, conducting test, allowing extra industrial Practice/ Testing at concern local or nearby industries, national level Research & Testing institutions like EQDC, CSIR,  ISRO, PRL, COMPUTERIZED LOAD DISPATCH CENTER, etc. Preparing them to participate in national as well as international fair imparting industrial training for one full term for industrial explores and arranging industrial visits. The  structure of this programme is as under.