Syllabus Electrical

Syllabus Scheme Electrical Engineering


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
1 1BS121Mathematics-I 4
2 1HS121 Communicative English-I
3 1ES114 Engineering Drawing4
4  1BS122 Chemistry4
51ES102 Elements of Civil Engineering 
61ES110Electrical Engineering Workshop Practice2


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
1  1ES211DC Circuits 6
2 1BS123Physics  4
3 1BS221 Mathematics-II 4
4 1ES113Elements of Mechanical Engineering  3
5  1ES101 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management
61HS221Communicative English-II1
71ES112Basic Skills of Computer1


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
1 1EE2301 AC Circuits
2 1EE2302 Electrical machines-I
3 1EE2303  Electrical Power Generation
4 1EE2304  Electrical Instruments4
51EE2305  Electronic Components and Circuits 4


SR NOSubject codeSubject NameCredit
1 1ME2401 Machining Processes
21ME2402  Thermal Engineering-I
31ME2403  Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
41ME2404  Computer Aided Designs
51ME2405  Metrology and Instrumentation
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