Dear Students,
On behalf of Institute of Technology, Ganpat University, I am so pleased to welcome you to the 2016-17 academic year. I became happy to have with you all senior batches on Campus. I appreciate your intellectual skills and growth done in the campus during short span. 
I specially convey message to new arriving students at our Campus. Many students are looking for better scope for their career. However due to lack of guidance, they could not find the better college and course. I personally request you all that first you visit our Campus before selecting any other option for your career.

Engineering education and is very important now a day. At present Engineering has wide scope in the field of construction, irrigation, bridges, machineries, power plants and computer related. Studying with learning at our Campus is a great opportunity for you. The diversity of our backgrounds, talents, and perspectives will continue to enrich your strength. 

Best wishes for your career!!

Dr. V. B. Patel
Institute of Technology, Ganpat University