Today's most talented and successful engineers are driven by interests that extend far beyond engineering. Bio-medical engineers show concern for health crises the world over. Electrical engineers are overhauling our nation's energy use through the smart grid. Computer scientists are giving wheelchair users new forms of mobility. And mechanical engineers are seeing promise for space flight through the path of a housefly.

As a result, INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is redefining education in engineering by preparing students to take a holistic look at the world around them and address some of the world's most formidable challenges. By doing so, our students are entering Diploma engineering programmes  and the workforce with a competitive edge, ready to lead with their heads and their hearts.

Through an integration of pragmatic learning and creative teaching, we provide one of the most innovative Diploma engineering programs. We look at what drives our students, learn what they're compassionate about and seek out their unique perspectives in order to develop a program that addresses the needs and interests of the whole student.

The students work in an academically rigorous, dynamic environment where the exploration of fields of study such as economics, environmental studies and even music is meaningful to an engineering education. They work closely with some of the top faculty members and industry experts who share a passionate commitment to teaching, mentoring and groundbreaking work.

We encourage you to explore our site, learn about our focused programs or, better yet, come visit our state-of-the-art teaching facilities, talk with our faculty members, and see for yourself how we're redefining an engineering education in the 21st century.


Hemal Shah (Ph.D.)

Professor & Dean of Institute

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