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As one of the Gujarat’s leading education & research institutions, GANPAT UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY College of engineering offers a wide range of exciting courses, facilities and opportunities, providing for the diverse needs of students, business & industry, and the general public.
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Regardless of the size of your business the University can work with you on projects on a scale to suit your needs. Whether it's a product or a process there are a number of ways we can help make your business more competitive.
Seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures
The output of the students reflect when they are inspired and backed for participation in various on and off campus seminars, paper presentation and project presentation competitions. Our students draw home glory by securing top ranks rank as and when they are exposed to any such opportunity. Our faculty members guide the students and permission is granted for practice by using the available resources at the institute.
The experts from various industries and reputed academic institutions are invited to talk to the students on various subjects.